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Facing wedded life in Bangladesh: Bakul’s tale

Facing wedded life in Bangladesh: Bakul’s tale

Bakul’s tale had been kindly provided by our user Arrange Asia.

Bakul is an average 17-year-old woman. She likes music and films and it is an avid follower of detergent operas. She’s got chores to complete throughout the time and desires of becoming a physician. She lives in a little, sparsely embellished space in just one of the poorest elements of Dhaka, money of Bangladesh, but, to any or all intents and purposes, she’s a teenager with all the same aspirations as her peers throughout the world.

For Bakul though, there’s one huge difference: 2 yrs ago she got hitched; eight months ago she provided delivery up to a child.

Forced into a marriage that is early

Covered with a red and blue sari, Bakul’s youthful appearance reveals none regarding the difficulty she’s needed to endure since her marriage, the circumstances of that have been certainly not old-fashioned.